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Wouldn’t it be nice to have a CPA that you deal directly with, that understands your business, that works in all 50 states and is there for you when you need him?
“Jerry has been doing my individual taxes for the past 7 years. He must be doing OK since I haven’t been audited or had to pay any fines. In addition to my regular taxes, Jerry completed the final returns for my mother’s Living Trust in California. Before taking on this task Jerry let me know that he hadn’t handled a trust, especially in California for a long time. This required Jerry to make the extra effort to research and consult with a lawyer to successfully file the IRS and California returns and to close the financial requirements of the trust. I highly recommend Jerry’s services".
Leif L., Taxpayer

Women and Financial Decisions

women and financial decisionsBy Lacey Tompkins

Did you know that 40% of women ages 55-70 are very confident they have made the right (financial) decisions in the past few years, which was found in a recent survey by Ameriprise Financial? According to another recent study, men are more likely to make changes to their 401(k)’s versus women, meaning that men react faster than women when it comes to making financial decisions. Another interesting fact found in this study is that because women are less likely to make changes to their portfolio, women, overtime, earn a better rate of return compared to men for that reason.

What does this mean? It means that women have the tendency to make smart financial choices, including seeking out professional help and guidance so they are more likely to succeed. Having low confidence and being slow to react to the market appears to be a positive characteristic.

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On the other hand, there are different factors that women in particular have to consider when planning for retirement, due to the simple fact that women face different retirement challenges than men. For example, women tend to live longer than men and need to save longer for retirement. This means that it is even more imperative for women to factor in added costs such as taxes, inflation, or long-term care insurance. Another major factor that interferes with a women’s ability to save is that many women temporarily leave the workforce to raise a family or care for aging parents. If you are a married couple and your husband passes way, do you have a survivorship benefit? How much Social Security will be lost? Do you have an income replacement plan?

Are you setting enough money aside for retirement to maintain your current lifestyle as well as factoring in added costs such as taxes, inflation and long term care while they continue to grow? Maybe it is time for you to come in and get a stress test done on your portfolio to be confident that the money you have saved for retirement will last through retirement.

Tune into Money Watch this Wednesday, July 30, 2014 at 6am as we discuss more about women in retirement. I also encourage you to go and download our complimentary report “10 Things to Know About Retirement Income” that we have available on our website

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