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"Jerry Jones, CPA has been successful in filing a 1045 loss on my 2008 tax return, resulting in getting my past five years of federal income taxes returned to me. I appreciate Jerry’s direct approach to the IRS tax laws and his professionalism, and knowledge in dealing with the IRS. Jerry has been a wonderful educator to me in IRS tax laws, and refund amounts available through new IRS rulings. I would strongly recommend Jerry to any Business owners or individuals requiring an in debt knowledge of the IRS laws and rulings. Thanks Jerry for getting my refunds for the past five years"!
Michael Goodwin

Retirement Plan Loans

Most types of retirement plans (including 401(k), profit-sharing and 403(b) plans) are permitted to offer loans. However, before you decide to take a loan from your retirement plan, consider what may happen if you:

• Can’t repay the loan according to its terms, or
• Leave your job before repaying the loan in full

What happens if you don’t repay the loan?

Your plan administrator will report the unpaid loan balance as a distribution and you must:

• Include any previously untaxed amount of the distribution in your gross income, and
• Pay an additional 10% tax unless you are over 591⁄2 years old or qualify for another exception

What happens if you leave your job before you repay the loan?

If you quit, retire or are terminated, your plan administrator may require you to repay the outstanding amount of the loan in full at that time. Otherwise, the outstanding amount is:

• Deducted from your retirement account balance, and
• Treated as a distribution to you (see above), but you may be able to roll over the amount of the distribution and avoid any taxes

Remember, your plan is designed to help you save for when you retire, so be careful before borrowing from it now.

Below are links to helpful retirement information on

Plan Loans – information on what types of plans allow loans, how much you can borrow, required loan terms and tax consequences of non-repayment.
Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Loans – answers to common questions on borrowing from a retirement plan. 

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