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9 Important Ages for Retirement Planning

Thinking about the rest of your life — especially in terms of your finances — can be a scary but exhilarating proposition. Assuming it turns out to be as long of a time period as you would like it to be, thinking about it all at once can be daunting. However, breaking your life into nine stages can help you compartmentalize your retirement-planning process so you can take your goals one step at a time.

Market Update: Stocks Down Due to Greek Drama

from Investment Strategist Kate Warne

Stocks Down Due to Greek Drama

Stocks dropped in response to headlines from Greece, where surprising developments over the weekend led to Greece's banks and stock exchange closing for at least a week. For perspective, Greece's shrunken economy is about the same size as Louisiana's and less than 2% of Europe's. The country has struggled with high debts throughout its history and defaulted multiple times.

12 Ways to Keep Your Money Safe Online

We do a lot with our money online, from shopping and transferring funds to tracking our budget. To make sure you’re keeping it safe, along with your personal information that would allow someone to hack into your accounts, you’ll want to take some precautions. Here are a dozen tips from privacy and security experts on how to protect your money when banking and shopping online.

1. Look for FDIC-insured accounts

When using online bank accounts, which often offer competitive interest rates on savings accounts, you’ll want to make sure your short-term savings are in FDIC-insured accounts. This means the government insures the money for up to $250,000 per owner.

New Estate Tax Closing Letter Procedure Issued

IRS adds additional burden on estates by no longer automatically issuing closing letters.

Jun 25, 2015
Kenneth Pun and James Dougherty

The Internal Revenue Service quietly made a significant change to their procedures regarding estate tax returns. With an unannounced June 16 update to the Frequently Asked Questions on Estate Taxes on its website,[1] the IRS revealed that the issuance of a closing letter after the filing of a Form 706, Estate (and Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax) Return will no longer be automatic. Instead, taxpayers must formally request a closing letter from the IRS.

How to Avoid Paying 21 Annoying Fees

Everyone has a story about an outrageous fee triggered by an otherwise ordinary transaction. Perhaps you arrived at the airport only to learn that your carry-on bag was too big—and were forced to pay $100 to check it. Or you inadvertently overdrew your checking account by a few dollars and got dinged $35 by your bank. Or maybe you were on a beach vacation and your hotel tacked on a "resort fee" of up to $50 per night to cover "amenities."

You can't avoid all such fees, but you can sidestep plenty of them with some foresight. Use these tips to keep hundreds—or even thousands—of dollars in your pocket.

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